Taking the Limits Off!

I’ve been noticing something lately, and I suppose it’s quite simple. Life experiences and ingrained mindsets often cause me to place limits on myself without even realizing it.

Now I’m not talking about personal limits concerning my values, which determine what I will and will not do or allow, but I’m referring to limitations that inhibit my imagination and make me dream on a relatively small scale. I was born with the capacity to dream big, I know, but I often fail to acknowledge that inherent capacity due to the handful of devastating times when I’ve been shaken in life to wake up and smell the metaphorical coffee.

Gee. I don’t even drink coffee.

Waking up is all fine and good, but I’m now convinced that waking up does not, of necessity, have to entail casting dreams by the wayside. One can be a fully awake, critically thinking creature while being a dreamer all at once, and I’d like to perfect the fine art of waking up to realize my dreams.

So now when I run into unnecessary limits ingrained in my psyche, I can take those limits off! Who says that I’m not great? Who says that I can’t have a great life experience? Who says that I can’t be great at what I was born to do? And if someone does says it, who says that that someone has to even matter?

I would encourage coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers alike to wake up and take the limits off of your imagination, and dream as big as you have the capacity to dream!

After all, if you indeed have the capacity, then it isn’t there for nothing.


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