Not Going to Die Here

Not Going to Die Here

It was, simply, time for me to write about this.

Not Going to Die HereAdmitting that you’re wrestling with depression or suicidal thoughts may not be the easiest thing to do as a Christian, but if you feel trapped in a sorrowful place, the way out has already been made. Not Going to Die Here combines personal testimony, Scripture, and poetry to help you transition from sorrow into God’s incomprehensible peace and unspeakable joy.

Wherever the hope of glory lives, hopelessness passes away.

Not Going to Die Here is available at my eStore and your Amazon store, in print and for Kindle. It is also available at Barnes & Noble (in print and for Nook), and as an ebook at AppleKobo, Inktera, and Smashwords.

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3 thoughts on “Not Going to Die Here

  1. Hi Nadine, I like your approach as a Christian to your life’s journey. I approach life through my Jewish perspective and it’s wonderful to share our different faiths, which are always intersecting and building on one another like a symphony. I am definitely going to enter the Goodreads contest to get your book! By the way, I posted your writing entry on my blog today, Friday April 13. Thanks so much for sharing! .


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