Love Unfeigned Extras

Love delving into “Special Features”? Enjoy these extras about my coming-of-age romance,
Love Unfeigned, first in the When It’s Time series

Soundtrack, If You Will
“Love to the chords of a classic jazz band…”
I’m not the only author who often has a theme song or two that accompanies my writing. The music for each one of my stories is usually an original composition, heard exclusively via my remarkable humming (please hold your applause), but for Love Unfeigned, I, full of nostalgia, reached back for the smooth sounds of some standard and classic jazz I became familiar with during my childhood. Here are the songs that most inspired the romance between Lorraine and Isaiah. Taking a listen definitely brings the mood(s) of the story to another degree of life…

“Sweet Lorraine”
Pretty self-explanatory, right? Performed by the one and only Nat King Cole and the Oscar Peterson Trio.
“Dancing on the Ceiling”
Admittedly made me a little teary–twice–as I wrote about Lorraine’s “Boy.” Performed by the legendary Ella Fitzgerald.
“With You on My Mind”
It’s amazing how we can sing such songs with a smile, but, alas, we do. *Sigh.* More Nat King Cole and oh-so-needful tenor saxophones to help, well, tell it right.
“Too Young”
Hey…there’s the proverbial “they” who tell you this and that about love–but, this time, really, who are “they”? Even more Nat King Cole, folks.
In addition to the jazz, I must include some Georg Friedrich Händel, in honor of the Northwestern Philharmonic’s wonderful holiday performance at Larkspur Hall. (Were you there?) Ladies and gentlemen: the “Overture” of Handel’s Messiah.

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