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The Movement of Kings

The Movement of Kings
A Novella
The third and final chapter of the Movement of Crowns series
(Historical Fantasy, Love Story)

A Favorite Ebooks of 2014 pick on Tell Tale Book Reviews
Five Gold Stars
The Movement of Kings did not disappoint. This was a wonderful coming of age story of love, intrigue, history, leadership, mystery, and much more.” ~Wonderous Reviews
The narrative of Kings is very emotional, with the hero dealing with life, death, love, and politics.  All in all, this series was so wonderful and I’m sorry to see it end. 5/5–great ending!” ~Kelly Smith Reviews
Four Silver Stars
“I am very impressed with the thought and detail that Nadine C. Keels has put into every aspect… Lots of politics, some danger, definitely romance, make this short book a good and satisfying read.” ~Tell Tale Book Reviews

The nation might have longed for his coming rule, but will they now regret it?

The charge of the Eubeltic Realm has been passed over to a young monarch known for his brilliance and brooding ways—as well as the “way” he has with vibrant ladies at court. Yet, from a political and cultural standpoint, the Realm has entered uncertain times.

Their inexperienced king is faced with the nation’s domestic and colonial crises, the bereavement of his family, and his curious attraction to a councilman’s modest daughter. Could everything in the king’s untried hands be on the verge of falling apart?

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The Movement of Crowns series is also available in one volume.


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