Character Colors

Character ColorsThat’s me, Nadine, in Box 1–hi there! And, yes, I know it looks a little strange to some when a black author pulls out a book she’s written and the person or people on the front cover are another color, or other colors, besides black. (“Black” being one of the terms many of us use to help describe one selection of something we call race, but to literally speak of color, I’m not black. I’m tan, or something close to it, and when I’m embarrassed, I’m pink. Or, at least my face is.)

People have asked me questions about the ethnicities and skin tones of my characters, and to that I must say that I’ve come across a good variety of people in the few decades I’ve been around on earth. Because human beings come in varieties of skin, and I have an appreciation for every variety I’ve had the privilege to see, the people I write about are also going to come in varieties of skin. It’s part of the beauty of humanity.

Any of these characters you’d like to meet? Feel free to do so!
The woman in Box 2 is Lorraine, from Love Unfeigned.
The woman in Box 3 is Ahnna, from Eminence.
The girl in Box 4 is Dallas from A Bona Fide Audience, found in Love & Eminence.
The man in Box 5 is InTýntz, a celebrity in Come to Yourself, Mr. Jones.
The woman in Box 6 is Debbie, from Dream Debbie.
The woman in Box 7 is Constance, from The Movement of Crowns.
The woman in Box 8 is Naona, from The Movement of Rings.
The man in Box 9 is the king of the Eubeltic Realm, from The Movement of Kings.


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