More Than Paper, Ink, or a Quick Digital Download

Books Are ArtI. Love. Books. And I realize the value I place on literature. It’s such delectable art!

I’m not old. Perhaps, though, I might be old school when it comes to books. As far as formats go, hardbacks are my all-time favorite to have and are rather a luxury for me. I mostly read paperbacks (often engaging in page-sniffing page-flipping), and I’ll read an ebook here or there. During my book shopping days from adolescence to adulthood, I’ve never viewed my book purchases only as money dished out for paper, ink, printing costs, etc. When I’m buying books, I’m investing currency in return for the literature other human beings have written, not for the mere paper and ink from printing machines.

After all, if I just wanted a stack of paper and some ink, I could get it from Staples, or from Dunder Mifflin Sabre. [Insert laughter here.]

Old schoolish as I may be, and the fervent believer in hard copies that I am, I don’t see the ebooks I download as inherently less valuable than print books, since it’s the literature–the words, the ideas, the questions, the stories–that I’m after. That’s not to say I’m an expert on book pricing, though of course I’m aware that varied production costs do play a factor in the business of setting prices on books. I also know there’s absolutely no such thing as a good book or ebook that’s written, polished, and published for free. In whatever format it’s produced in, it costs somebody (and teams of somebodies) worthy hours, dollars, lifeblood, and life to get a piece of literature out there for humanity to consume, and I’m just one reader who thinks if I or other folks in my little neck of the woods and beyond can pay 3-5 bucks for one cup of Starbucks, or $5-$10 for one fast food meal or a single movie ticket, then surely I can invest that much for literature, for all that it does to enhance and impact my experience on earth.

Goodness, classes at my university required a pretty penny (quite a pret-ty penny) for books I didn’t even want sometimes. 😀 So imagine my gratefulness for access to books I actually look forward to reading on my own.

Gee. If I spent less time on social media and more time with my nose back in my books, I might not have any notion of my being old school, here. I’ve got the notion, nonetheless. C’est la vie.


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