The Indie Author Manifesto

I believe traditional and independent publishing each have a worthy place in the world of literature, and all methods of publishing have pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. I also believe in authors. Traditionally published authors are authors. Self-published authors are authors. And if a book is good (a subjective judgment), the book is good, in whatever way it was published. I believe in literature, in all of its various forms and formats.

While I’m technically a hybrid author, as not all of my books to date are independently published, this manifesto by Mark Coker has excellent points worth sharing. My favorites are numbers 3, 8, 9, and 10. Thank you kindly, Mark!

Indie Manifesto

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9 thoughts on “The Indie Author Manifesto

  1. Mark Fine says:

    The most terrible thing in the creative process is when the artiste (the writer or musician) receives the “slow no” from the decision maker, whether it be the repertoire man at a record label or the publisher’s flunky.

    With self-publishing now an affordable alternative, the creative spirit no longer has to be tested and filtered in this unkind manner.

    I’d much prefer the market judging one’s work than individuals in positions of power–who first flatter (“Oh, that sounds so interesting!”) then do nothing but waste one’s time.

    Now Jenn, this isn’t the screed of someone who has been the victim of this behavior; rather it is someone who has witnessed it from the other side (the music industry) and wants no part of it going forward.

    Remember being signed to a publisher (or record label for that matter) is no panacea. Even with the might of a publishing house behind you, most are destined to fail. But, if you do it yourself you retain your rights, learn how to do better next time, and have complete control over all the creatives–I for one would find that very liberating!


    • Nadine C. Keels says:

      Liberating indeed! While I’m not dead-set against traditional publishing, for me personally, it’s been much of the same weight placed on my shoulders as with self-publishing, only with less control over details I could improve for both my own and my readers’ benefit. Yes, I’ll know how to do it better next time (when I have all of my rights back. 😀 )


  2. maliaann says:

    This” manifesto” says a lot of excellent things that I totally agree with, but Indie authors are NOT just self-published authors. They are also authors published through small independent publishing companies; companies who care about and respect their authors, their writing and their opinions. People need to start realizing this, but several of the sentences on this list are not helping! I’m published through a small independent press so I am an INDIE AUTHOR.


    • Nadine C. Keels says:

      Absolutely! The first time I published a book independently, it was with a small publishing company, and I got great support. I know a lot of people don’t realize that there are different kinds of independent authors and that not even all authors who distribute through companies like CreateSpace and Smashwords are self-published authors. If you have a blog post or article explaining the differences, it’d be great to share. 🙂


  3. Gina Drayer says:

    10! So much so. While I’ve always thought writers were a supportive bunch as a whole, the indie community are wonderful cheerleaders for each other. And ask for help, they are all over it. Yeah! Indie Community!


    • Nadine C. Keels says:

      I must say, I’ve experienced a lot of great support in the indie community as well, both from authors I know personally and others I don’t. Indie certainly does *not* mean “alone”!


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