My Favorite Books—No Lies About It

Nadine's Favorite BooksUpon reading a recent article by author Gabrielle Zevin, “Why We Lie About Our Favorite Books”, I was all aghast. *GASP* “People lie about the books they like? Say it ain’t so!”

🙂 All right, I’m pretty sure I took in no dramatic draft of breath upon the discovery, and I totally saw Zevin’s point, about folks wanting to paint certain images of themselves through the books they say are their favorites. Well, take or leave my image the way it is, I’m compiling a Favorite Reads list to share my reviews/thoughts on the books I’ve regarded as my (honest-to-goodness) favorites from six years old on up.

Anyone who’s been following my blog has probably noticed that there have been more book reviews in general around Prismatic Prospects lately. Several of the book blogs I’ve come across in the past year, like Kelly Smith Reviews and Tell Tale Book Reviews, have inspired me to start sharing more of my lifelong book love on my own site. (Plus, book bloggers like Kelly and Jasmine are simply nice people to work with, which helped my inspiration along.) Since I joined Goodreads a few years ago, I’d already gotten into the habit of writing a little something about the books I’ve read, and putting my reading reflections into written words has become a vital part of my overall experience with literature. So, why not share more of it here?

Film LoveNow I just need a Goodreads for film lovers. Time permitting, I might start posting reviews of my favorite films here, too, since I’ve come to love films about as much as I love books. It’s all in the storytelling, whether literary or visual!


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