Coming Soon: My Fun Summer Release

Boots 1.5

When I’ve been asked the “What’s next?” question lately, I’ve mentioned that “I’m now making my first attempt at writing Chick Lit longer than a short story.” I even included it in a blog post last winter, and the ensuing months turned out to be the longest stretch of time I’d ever been one (1) lone word into a new manuscript.

Well, the manuscript is now finished! Is it longer than a short story? Yes! And is it Chick Lit? Y–er, um, kinda sorta. The book has actually turned out to be more of a romantic comedy. A Rom-Com read, if you will. I wanted to put out something fun for readers this summer before I get back into heavier stuff, probably another epic fiction book.

Anywho, folks, stay tuned for the release of my novelette this month! Do the boots give you any idea what the title or theme might be, hmm? 😉

Boots 1.5


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