The “She” Stands Alone by Nadine C. Keels

The “She” Stands Alone
Sweet Romantic Comedy Novelette
5 Stars
“Laugh out loud as you read this book, and possibly end up with that sweet ‘awww’ smile on your face!” ~Wonderous Reviews
“If you like your love short, sweet, and clean, definitely pick up The “She” Stands Alone! 5/5–enjoyable!” ~Kelly Smith Reviews
4 Stars
“The depth of Keels’s writing is masterful.” ~Rabid Readers Reviews
“Humor, good advice and life-lessons all ravel together for a deeper but surely entertaining piece.” ~Savurbks

Pink book cover shows a walking woman's legs in high-heeled boots, and Christmas tree leaves with magenta bows and ornaments lining the bottomShe can’t seem to catch any guy’s notice for anything.

No, that pick-up pitch from a stranger gawking at her at the gas station doesn’t count. And one attractive salesman in town shouldn’t have been flirting with her in the first place. He was much too customer-friendly for a store known for its pathetic customer service.

Now, is this young woman’s dateless problem unfixable? Not in the least. New plan: Sheridan Jones is going to date herself.
Ahh. The romance.

This fall/winter rom-com is especially great to read during the holidays. Joy to the world!

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The “She” Stands Alone is also available in a sweet romance collection, Inspiring Love.

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