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Any Favorite “Brands,” Print Book Readers?

(No actual book reviews of the strictly literary variety in this post, but I did receive complimentary copies of the specific books I mention here from the publishers in exchange for honest reviews, which I wrote in other posts. 🙂 )

Print Book ReaderMuch of reading print books is about the physical experience, what the books look, feel, and smell like. Just a quick flip through the pages to inhale the scent of certain books is enough to take me back to the experience I had when I read them, enough for me to remember the stories’ settings, the characters, and how what I read changed me.

While I prefer hardbacks in general for books I’d like to keep forever, there are particular paperback “brands” that I’m fond of. For instance, depending on the age of a book and whether or not it’s a used copy when I obtain it, I know what a Signet Classics, Bantam, or Laurel-Leaf paperback is going to smell like before I even pick it up. The familiar scents have a way of setting the tone for what I’m going to read (or reread.)

In my reading this year, I’ve discovered new-to-me publishers with novels I enjoyed reading all the more because the books looked and felt so nice.

The Preacher’s Wife and Dixie Bell, published by Realms, have vibrant, fetching book covers–front, back, and spine–that are not too glossy, not too dull, not too stiff, not too flimsy. There’s just something about the paper they used. Nice pages for flipping with the perfect (for me) interior text fonts, size-wise.

The Preacher's Wife   Dixie Belle
(The actual covers are even more vibrant than the images here.)


The 20th Christmas and From Dishes to Snow, published by Ambassador International, have glossier covers, but not a gaudy glossy, just eye-catching and super smooth. The cover designs match the novels’ tones/voices to a T, and the pages have that great weight quality: not too bulky, not too wispy.

The 20th Christmas   From Dishes to Snow
(Again, the effects of the covers come across even better when the books are in hand.)


So, fellow print book readers, are there any book “brands” you’re particularly fond of? New book scents or old book scents? Favorite weights or page textures? (Am I getting too technical? 😀 )



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