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At Last! My Favorite Films

GoodflicksI know, I know–anyone who follows my blog has probably been wondering what the recent influx of film reviews is all about. Well, you may or may not know by now about my love of stories and storytelling, both literary and visual, and because I’m becoming as much of a cinephile as I am a bibliophile, I’ve decided to add a Film Love section to my blog (see in the Menu above, alongside Book Love) and to include my all-time Favorite Films, as I have my all-time Favorite Reads.

Now, be advised that my Favorite Films list isn’t quite as exhaustive as my Favorite Reads list, and both lists may continue to grow over time, but as with the books I post about, every film I’ve added is in keeping with what this blog is here for: hope and inspiration.

So, feel more than free to take a look at my list!




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