Take a Look: Indie Christian Fiction Search

Even while a lot of book lovers are fans of indie fiction, it can still be a challenge for indie authors and their books to come out of obscurity–particularly, in this case, when it comes to independent Christian Fiction.

Imagine how pleased this ever-since-she-was-a-preteen ChristFic reader was to find out about the Indie Christian Fiction Search (ICFS) website.


I was on the mobile site the first time I visited and then found all the different ways to navigate the site on my computer. (The picture above is a shot of the Home page in Snapshot view.) You can sign up for the ICFS newsletter and also search for books by release date, by keywords, or my personal preference, by genre. There’s a how-to page that gives the details on how to use the site, but the content notes provided with each book are my favorite feature.

As a reader and a book reviewer, I’ve said a number of times that it’d be great if books could come with ratings and content notes like movies do, so a reader can know beforehand what to expect. After all, it’s no fun to run into R-rated material in the middle of a book when you were expecting a PG read, or to find that a book handled a gritty subject in a surface-level G style when you were looking for something deeper. It’s funny, I’m not big on book blurbs (somehow, they just sound corny to me 98% of the time, when I actually do read them), but content notes are quite a help to me, especially considering what reading mood I may be in on a given day.

Here’s an ICFS book page in Classic view.

ICFS Book Page

So, if you’re a fellow ChristFic enthusiast, do head on over to browse the ICFS site to find your next read.


4 thoughts on “Take a Look: Indie Christian Fiction Search

  1. Connie Almony (@ConnieAlmony) says:

    Nadine, thanks for mentioning this site. I’ve been exploring a lot of indie work over the past year or so and finding how much I love the fresh story lines about a breadth of locales, while within a Christian framework. It’s why I wanted to create the site so others could also have access to this material. I wanted to make it very searchable and found many other sites too hard to navigate. I hope this site not only helps authors present their material, but readers FIND good material!!!

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