Rereads and Reruns: Yea or Nay?


I’ve seen every episode of all six seasons of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman at least twice, most of the episodes three or four times, and I’ve watched the two Dr. Quinn movies two or more times each. I’ve seen all six seasons of Leave It to Beaver at least three times, and the movies on my Favorite Films list are all at least thrice-watched, with some that I view annually.

Looking at my Goodreads shelves, I don’t feel that I’ve read many books for a lifelong bookworm. I mean, sure, there’s no way to count all the books I’ve read and forgotten, or the ones I remember the gist of but don’t recall the titles and authors’ names, but still, I’m not as fast a reader as many others are, and it takes time for me to fit a whole book in.

With that said, it’s likely that I’ve read only so many books due to the hours and days I’ve spent reading the same ones over again, even as a child. (Ask me how many times I read Ramona the Pest and The Little Gymnast when I was a kid. Sorry I’ll have no definite numbers for you, since I lost track somewhere around Round Three or Four for each of them.)

Oh, I know how unexciting and monotonous that is or would be for some, to know what scene is waiting on the next page before you flip it, to be able to put words into every actor’s and actress’s mouth before they speak them. I could state what’s often stated by those who reread and rewatch, that I notice something new in a book or movie or TV episode the more times I take it in, that it’s never quite the same reading or viewing twice, which is true for me.

However, as much as I enjoy that kind of differentness, I also enjoy the sameness. “Yes, that veggie lasagna or pepperoni pizza or stack of apple cinnamon waffles might taste the same as it did the last time I had some, but I’m enjoying it just as much, or even more, this time around.” That’s how rereads and reruns are for me, like savoring the sameness of a favorite food over again.

Gee, I’ll even admit that I read and reread the fiction I write, not always to critique my work but sometimes just to take pleasure in it as a lover of fiction.

I know that not all authors are interested in revisiting, cover to cover, what they’ve already published, but this reader-author loves to spend time with her own books now and then, like a parent who wants to spend time with her own children when she can, no matter how well she may (or may not yet?) know them.

So. How about you? Are you a one-and-done, on-to-the-next kind of reader or viewer, or are rereads and reruns your thing?


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