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Books: Do You Prefer to Borrow or Buy?

Buy or Borrow

Fellow bookworms, do you prefer to borrow or buy most of your books?

My recent “rediscovery” of the public library got me thinking. Oh, I never stopped visiting the library altogether, as I’ve found it useful for hosting or checking up on local events, for printing certain documents, for donating books of mine or stocking up at library sales–all that. But this year is the first in I don’t know how many (six? seven years?) when I’ve actually checked out books to read and return later.

And I’ve found that it’s great for books I want to read but don’t necessarily wish or need to keep, particularly print books. Since I, like many a bibliophile, have a love of reading that reaches beyond what’s smart for my budget, the thought of signing up for an ebook subscription service brushed briefly over my mind, once. But interlibrary loan services and my library card don’t cost me a monthly fee. I just get the books, read ’em, and give ’em back. Forgot how convenient that is!

But, still…

I’ve come to the conclusion that I do prefer buying books over borrowing. I like to “have my book and read it, too”–in print, whenever possible. Plus, I’m a big rereader, can devour and digest the same book multiple times and love it even more on the next go ’round. Sometimes I even have to mark up my books just a bit, highlight or make a note about something in the pages, and having the books right there on my shelves whenever I want to reread them or look up something real quick is the best.

So, then, how about you? Do you like to have your books and read them too, or are you more of a just-read-the-books-and-give-them-back-when-they’re-over kind of reader?


3 thoughts on “Books: Do You Prefer to Borrow or Buy?”

    1. I find myself buying a lot of used books, too, particularly because I’m often interested in books that are now out of print. Whenever I can get my hands on a hardcover, especially of an out of print or classic book, it’s golden. 🙂

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