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When Calls the Heart Season 3: I Must Catch Up!

when-calls-the-heart When Comes the Spring When Breaks the Dawn When Hope Springs New

It’s no secret that I’m a big, longtime fan of author Janette Oke. After planning on it for years, I’ve finally begun reading her Canadian West series, starting with When Calls the Heart.
That is…well, I did start the series years ago, reading the last two novels that were added to the series much later.

Beyond the Gathering Storm When Tomorrow Comes

But I’ve gone back to the beginning! And ever since I heard that Hallmark was coming out with a television show, When Calls the Heart, which is based on the Return to the Canadian West novels, I’ve told myself that I will not watch the show until I’ve read all the Canadian West books. Even as a lifelong bibliophile, the cinephile in me is okay with the reality that filmmakers must make changes to a story to take it from the pages of a novel and portray it for a viewing audience. Even so, when it comes to one of my all-time favorite authors, I’d first like to know what she originally wrote at the beginning before I see any screen adaptations.

The show isn’t waiting around for me, though, so I’ve got some catching up to do in my reading. 😀 Season 3 of the television series is due to release in a collector’s edition on DVD this fall, and is giving a free DVD set of the Season 1 episodes to everyone who preorders the new Season 3 collection before its release on October 11th.
They’re also holding a drawing for a $100 gift card on September 1st. Everyone who reviews Season 3 on FishFlix and sends an email to to verify their reviewer nickname will be entered into the drawing.

Feel free to take a look at the When Calls the Heart Season 3 DVD Set.
You can also check out FishFlix for more Christian movies.


Here’s a trailer for the premiere of the television series.


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