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A Heads-Up: Book Awards for 2016


The time for the annual book awards at Prismatic Prospects is here! Awards will open with this year’s Christmas Book Picks, followed by the awards for Favorite Covers, and the Favorite Reads honors will come next.

Announce Favorite Reads Blank

The schedule for the book award announcements:

Christmas Book Picks 2016: Friday, November 4th
Favorite Covers 2016: Monday, November 28th
Favorite Reads 2016: Friday, December 2nd

There will be book giveaways for my blog readers and visitors to enter and a little gift for the winning authors. Also this year, I’ll have Giveaway Bonuses for any and everyone who requests them. Whether you win one of the giveaways or not, you’ll be welcome to receive a Bonus or two.
So save the dates and stop by for the fun!


2 thoughts on “A Heads-Up: Book Awards for 2016”

    1. Oh, the annual book awards here are how I celebrate my favorites of the year. I tried it in 2014 and got a good response from fellow readers and authors, so I decided to make it a yearly thing. 🙂 Heeheehee, nominations would be a trickier process to handle, though it’s a fun idea. I always do like to hear about other readers’ favorites, though–I try to keep my eyes and ears open for good books!


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