Unveiling Love: Episode IV by Vanessa Riley


Five Gold Stars

Unveiling Love: A Regency Romance by Vanessa Riley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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My goodness. This series about Barrington Norton, a barrister of color, and his wife, Amora, put me through so much that I’m rather speechless by now. But I enjoyed every winding, pulsing minute along the way to this fitting ending–an imperfect and glorious ending to a tale of suspense and searching, doubt and faith, darkness and light, anguish and love.

Its minor flaws aside, the series is such a must-read for fans of Regency ChristFic. I look forward to reading this author again.


Unveiling Love in all four episodes



4 thoughts on “Unveiling Love: Episode IV by Vanessa Riley

    • Nadine C. Keels says:

      Oh, yay–so glad to hear you got a copy, and you’re welcome!

      🙂 It’s funny about fantasy, for me. I’d pretty much forgotten how much I used to enjoy the genre as a child. Even when I first read and loved the Chronicles of Narnia series as an adult, I still don’t think I really remembered. It’s only been over the past few months or so that I got a hankering to start reading fantasy again, and I have a few novels in my sights!

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