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Deep Extraction by DiAnn Mills

Book reviews are subjective. I tend to rate books not according to how “perfect” they are, seem to be, or are said to be in general but rather to how perfect they are to me. Tyndale House provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review.

Deep Extraction by DiAnn Mills

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Special Agent Tori Templeton is tied up in a case involving the murder of oil and gas magnate Nathan Moore and a bombing at one of his oil rigs. Add the fact that Nathan’s widow is Tori’s best friend, and that Tori is beginning to fall for her new partner on the task force, a deputy US marshal, and the stakes of this dangerous case rise in Deep Extraction, a novel by author DiAnn Mills.

Months ago, I read this author for the first time with (what is, technically) the first book in this FBI Task Force series, Trial By Fire. I thought that novella was great and admittedly expected as much with this novel. No disappointments, here.

I sank my teeth into this romantic suspense story, a pretty dense one. The action is unpretentious in the way it breaks out, and the intricate plot held my attention throughout–no “yawn” time.

A conversion to faith felt a tad routine to me, perhaps because I knew the story would call for it but I wasn’t sure if it dug deeply enough. Also, one character’s choice on behalf of her family didn’t seem fully justifiable to me. I’d think, if you truly feared for the very lives of yourself and your children, and you were presented with an offer of greater protection, you’d take it.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this read from cover to cover, and I’ve every intention of revisiting this author in the not-so-distant future.


Here’s my review of the next book in the FBI Task Force series, High Treason.



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