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The Launch of Christian Book Heaven!

There’s a new place to get curated ebook deals for Christian books:
Christian Book Heaven!
You can sign up to receive emails for free and discounted books and new releases. Visit the site to subscribe and pick your genres here.
(That’s a referral link, and, yes, I myself am a subscriber to Christian Book Heaven. 🙂 )




2 thoughts on “The Launch of Christian Book Heaven!”

    1. It’s funny–out of all the book deal services I’m subscribed to, BookBub is the biggest *and* the one I download from the least. I guess I’m more drawn to lesser known books and authors when I’m shopping these days, and the BookBubbers tend to be books that look like they already have a wide readership and don’t need me as much. (No offense or prejudice against widely read books or authors, which I DO still read and hope to have/be one day myself!) 😀


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