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Hope Unashamed

Hope Unashamed
A Novella
Sequel to Love Unfeigned
(Coming of Age Romance)

“I have adored both Love Unfeigned and Hope Unashamed. I can highly recommend these wonderful tales of hope and friendship.” ~Christian Bookaholic
“I am a huge fan of author Nadine Keels. [She has] a talent for developing a deep and entire story within a novella…” ~Savurbks

“I definitely recommend this whole series!” ~Lights in a Dark World


He’s never been so mesmerized by a girl before. Can’t help getting his hopes up…

Arthur is a studious, “all or nothing” kind of guy with his life planned out. Even before he’s old enough to drive a car, he knows he wants a career in computers. Since he sees no need for romance until he’s ready for marriage, Arthur keeps his focus on his education.

Then, a new school year brings a stunning young lady into Arthur’s path, blindsiding his ideas on romance. As a result, his transition from boyhood to manhood includes the pursuit of the woman he wishes to make his wife. But when his pursuit falls through, Arthur must realize when it’s time to give up the shame of a broken dream—and learn what it truly means to hope for more.


Find Hope Unashamed at Amazon (in print and for Kindle), Barnes and Noble (in print and for Nook), and as an ebook at Apple, Kobo, and Smashwords.

When It’s Time, a coming of age romance series



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