Inspiring Love: Three Romantic Reads by Nadine C. Keels

Inspiring Love: Three Romantic Reads
Sweet Romance
Five Stars from Readers' Favorite
“Likable characters” “Intriguing” ~Readers’ Favorite

Blue, magenta, and purple boxed set of books has an illustrated cover showing a serious young woman with her head turned toward her shoulder

Hope and inspiration in a trio of sweet romances

Come to Yourself, Mr. Jones
A contemporary romance novelette
InTýntz, a favored celebrity, meets a gorgeous and mysterious woman (Crystal?) at a club in his hometown. But he doesn’t know he’s in for a night nothing like he planned, and a morning after he’ll more than remember.

The “She” Stands Alone
A romantic comedy novelette
Is Sheridan’s dateless problem unfixable? Not in the least. This young woman has got a new plan: she’s going to date herself.

A novella, from another time and place
After their country’s three-year revolution, Ahnna, a village schoolmistress, serves as nurse for Ikenna, an esteemed soldier and tradesman. But in their newfound independence, the fight for worthy governance, both of the nation and of the heart, is not over.

This collection also includes a bonus: an excerpt from World of the Innocent, a contemporary love story.

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