High Treason by DiAnn Mills

Book reviews are subjective. I tend to rate books not according to how “perfect” they are, seem to be, or are said to be in general but rather to how perfect they are to me. Tyndale House provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review.

High Treason by DiAnn Mills

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Monica Alden, a CIA operative, is brought onto an FBI task force with Special Agent Kord Davidson after an assassination attempt on Kord’s friend, a Saudi prince. Having come to Houston, Texas to seek cancer treatment for his mother, the prince can’t pick up and leave the country, but the extent of his real plans in the US makes his FBI protection all the more crucial in High Treason, a novel by author DiAnn Mills.

With this book, I knew I’d have to settle in for a read that would take me a while. But as I’ve come to find with this author so far, no matter how long or short the read, there’s not a dull moment in it for me. Whether it’s high-stakes action, the thick of investigation, or engaging inward and outward dialogue as characters deal with their personal challenges and forge various relationships, I’m kept on my toes from start to finish.

I’m all for a heroine like Monica: sharp, no-nonsense, gutsy, and driven, but with a sense of humor, compassion, and a vulnerable side. I also appreciate that her inner conflict has complexity to it, that it’s not just a token pain or a too-easy source for angst or drama.

And Kord is rather sharp himself. While I’m pretty sure the “missionary setup” will never be my preferred scenario for ChristFic romance (it tends to muddy up the couple’s motives and makes the inevitable conversion feel trite, contrived, or both), I do like that the romance here isn’t instantaneous or dripping with sap. The characters’ tenderness doesn’t make them lose their edge but rather enhances it.

Since this is only the third book I’ve read by Mills, it may be too soon to say she’s my favorite romantic suspense author. Even so, I’m kind of scratching my head as to why I haven’t read more of her books by now.


Before I started the FBI Task Force series, I read this standalone novella, Trial By Fire.



3 thoughts on “High Treason by DiAnn Mills

    • Nadine C. Keels says:

      I like her characters, too! Quick, sharp, and personalities that “pop”–characters who fit the pace and tone of the stories. I’ve got another of her novels that’s been sitting in my TBR stack for too long. Time to bump it up! 🙂

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