Why the Jewels on These Book Award Medals?

Why are there jewels on the Annual Book Award medals at Prismatic Prospects? I’m glad you asked!

I’m sure you’ve heard expressions about finding hidden gems. Just how hidden a gem may be could depend on who’s doing the looking. 😀 Still, whether a book is traditionally or independently published, whether the author is famous or lesser known, whether the book is a new release or has been around for years—whatever the case, a great book is a great book. A gem. And this bibliophile is all about sharing the literary gems she discovers.

Admittedly, I had a doubt or two as I designed the latest version of my award medals. Would including a gemstone in the center mean the medals would be, you know—less than neutral? Too feminine, or something?


Huh. Well. I reckon if even kings and queens alike go for gemstones, then, hey. 😉

Find the Annual Book Award winners here.


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