Because a Novel Saved My Life…

Me (Nadine) and the first edition of Yella’s Prayers, published back in 2010.

Bronze Line New

When I was thirteen years old, a novel saved my life: John Nielson Had a Daughter by Ruth Livingston Hill (Ruth Munce).

Long story behind that, but it’s the reason why John Nielson is my all-time favorite novel. (Later retitled The Homecoming.) It awakened my purpose for writing, and my purpose fueled me as I wrote my first novel at seventeen: Yella’s Prayers.

Seventeen bottled-up years of life, spilling into a book.

I later learned that Munce, who lived to be 103, lived all the way until I began working on the “masterwork of my teenage years.” Yeah. Munce passed just days after I started writing Yella’s Prayers.

I wouldn’t presume to call it a passing of the baton, since Ruth knew nothing about Nadine. But it’s a testament to how one author’s writing can reach further than she knows…

I wrote my firstborn novel with the hope of reaching into someone else’s life. Maybe even further than I might know.

You know?
My aspiration is for my words to help people: to bring hope, to change minds, to expand imagination, to provide entertainment, and to save lives—as other authors’ words have done for me.

Line New Carmine

Yella’s Prayers

Line New Carmine

Meet Nadine C. Keels


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