Spin-offs from The Movement of Crowns Series

Well! It wasn’t in my original plan to write two spin-offs from The Movement of Crowns Series at the same time. But characters make demands that authors must follow. 😉

Reviving the Commander, first in the Crowns Legacy series, picks up about a year after the Movement of Crowns series.

Eubeltic Descent, first in the Eubeltic Realm series, picks up more than a century after the Movement of Crowns series.

You might feel more “in the know” if you read the series in the order of their chronological histories, starting with The Movement of Crowns. But even if you read the different series out of order, they stand well enough on their own for the stories to make sense. Going back to read what happened earlier in the history and the related characters’ lives will be like reading enlightening prequels. Yay!

You will, however, want to read each book within each series in their numbered order.


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