This isn’t Politics. This is Your Life.

While this blog of mine isn’t a particularly political one, in a “politics and government” sense, I can’t guarantee that politics won’t slip in now and then—especially since I, a book reviewer, read some political books. 🙂 Still, there are times when it can be easy to mistake or dismiss someone’s intentions as political when politics aren’t even the issue.

The area of politics is one of society’s ways of dealing with various matters of life. But for people experiencing those matters personally, the matters are, first and foremost, life.

Politics don’t come first. Life comes first. Without life, without experiences human beings are living through, there’d be no need for politics.

And many (not all, but many) people don’t step into political conversations or the political arena because, gee, they just feel so political. Or they love to fuss. Or they’re looking for a job or a hobby and “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” lands them into politics. They bring up or step into the conversation or the arena because they have a concern about life.

A matter is merely a “political issue” to you if the context of government policy or political or social debate is the only context in which that matter comes to your attention or affects you personally. It’s not a “political issue” for people who are living it.

Just taking time out on my blog to say—don’t be so quick to assume someone is “just getting political.” Don’t be so quick to write off someone else’s experiences, concerns, and convictions as “just politics” because the matter in question doesn’t mean much to you, or it annoys you, inconveniences you, confuses you, scares you, riles you up, or otherwise makes you uncomfortable. In your dismissive efforts to maintain your comfort, you may very well be writing off someone else’s life.


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