Embracing the Outcast by Nadine C. Keels

Embracing the Outcast
A Novel
Book Two in the Crowns Legacy series
(Historical Fantasy, Romance)

“Nadine C. Keels has such a way with putting words to emotions and feelings that I’ve rarely seen…” ~The Adventures of a Traveler’s Wife

Selected as one of the Best Books of 2019 at The Book and Beauty Blog

They can only experience beauty if they dare to behold it…

Now that Princess Eunice of Diachona has come of age, she has much more to study, and a new weight sits on her compassionate shoulders. Her late mother was an admirable ruler, but Eunice can hardly see herself thriving in the political arena. In fact, she doesn’t think many people see her at all, especially not would-be suitors who often bypass quiet Eunice to pursue ladies they find more attractive.

So when Eunice meets a serious, gifted artist who expresses his desire for her company, she isn’t sure if his interest in her is romantic or simply artistic. And why does this young man seem to be as saddened by Eunice as he is drawn to her?


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Crowns Legacy, a spin-off from the Movement of Crowns series

(Book Three in the Crowns Legacy series is in the works! Release date to be announced.)

There are a few ways you can stay updated on Nadine’s books. Find them here!


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