Blessing on the Run by Alana Terry

Book reviews are subjective. I tend to rate books not according to how “perfect” they are, seem to be, or are said to be in general but rather to how perfect they are to me.

Blessing on the Run by Alana Terry

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After years of desperate and dangerous living, Blessing has been working to get her life together for herself and her young son. But her ex-boyfriend, who’s done so much in the past to destroy her, shows up with a threat that could cause her even more pain and worse in Blessing on the Run by author Alana Terry.

The colorful but serious tone of the controlled but bold book cover design drew me to this suspense novella. I’ve an appreciation for ChristFic authors who address critical real-world problems without sugarcoating or downplaying them. Without realistic depictions of how bad things can get, there are a lot of people who won’t get the picture of how far redemption can reach.

This story tackles a lot in a relatively short amount of time, from rape and drug addiction to fear, manipulation, guilt, and more. And yes, there’s a thread of redemption that runs through it, even if the thread involves other characters more than it does Blessing.

Still, I had a hard time getting through this book because of the heroine. I understand she has plenty of reason to be angry and jaded, but her constantly negative attitude becomes predictable. The majority of what she says to the reader and the other characters is downbeat, cynical, or sarcastic. Not only is she down on herself, but she often points out how the actions of her loved ones bother her. The brief, positive spark at the end of the book isn’t enough to convince me that Blessing, her son, and her relationships are going to be all right.

Even so, I went on and finished the book because its manipulation theme is relevant. Sure, it can be easy to see how someone else—especially a fictional character—is being taken in and used by an abusive, chronic liar. And yet manipulation is a widespread societal problem now, with untold numbers of people (Christians included) whose fears are being played upon so much that they tolerate, ignore, or find reasons to justify or even praise the terrible behavior of their manipulators.

It’s rare that I don’t necessarily enjoy a book but would still recommend it. What brings enjoyment varies from person to person, and I ultimately found this book to be worth the read.


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