A Little Hope and Inspiration: Ice Cream in Winter

A few days ago, I saw an ice cream truck pass by. In the middle of winter. In the rain.

Nah, there wasn’t any tinkly music tinkling from it, and it was pretty clear the driver was just getting from Point A to Point B. But still, it was an ice cream truck.

Sometimes, in the middle of winter, you need a little reminder that ice cream still exists.

And don’t be so quick to say, “Well, he doesn’t really have any ice cream in the truck to sell right now, so we can’t have any. That’s just the way it is in the winter.”

No. If sitting around waiting for spring or summer to hear that tinkly music coming down your street will take too long, get on down to Cold Stone or Baskin-Robbins or Dairy Queen or the freezers at Safeway and pick up a little something. And go on and smile and laugh and genuinely enjoy it, doggone it.

My point?
Don’t let the middle of your “winter” season fool you.


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