For Every Love: Three Romantic Reads by Nadine C. Keels

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For Every Love: Three Romantic Reads
(Sweet Romance)
5 Stars New Red
“a beautiful love story” ~Readers’ Favorite on Love Unfeigned
4 Stars New Blue Med
“a strong message of friendship and devotion” ~Woven from Words on Hope Unashamed
a fun and enchanting read” ~RAIN’N’BOOKS on Kiss and ‘Telle?

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For every love, there is a season—and it’s worth the wait.

Love Unfeigned
There’s homesickness in his kiss…
Back when Lorraine and Isaiah were children, the competitive spark and warm regard between them grew into a strong bond. But they’ve been traversing divided paths in the years since, and a disastrous experience has resulted in life-altering trauma for one of them. Now that Lorraine and Isaiah have reached adulthood, what might it take to reunite them in a love unbounded by time?

Hope Unashamed
He’s never been so mesmerized by a girl before…
Arthur has always kept his focus on his education and career ambitions, but meeting a stunning young lady blindsides his ideas on dating. When he gets serious about romance but his plans fall through, Arthur must realize when it’s time to give up the shame of a broken dream—and learn what it truly means to hope for more.

Kiss and ’Telle?
If only this type of thing were as easy as it looks in chick flicks.
Ever since her college days, Chantelle has had growing feelings for Dennis, a close friend who’s got romance coming out of his ears. Or so he says. When he and Chantelle team up for a huge, professional opportunity, it may lead to the perfect time for her to tell him what he means to her. Or it may be time for some of Chantelle’s own words about love to come back to bite her. Oops.

Enjoy these sweet romances of friendship, laughter and pain, and the miracle of second chances.

For Every Love Rose

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