Writing Romance While Asleep—or Awake

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Because people sometimes ask me how I get ideas for my stories, here’s a little about how Inspiring Love: Three Romantic Reads came to be.

Come to Yourself A+ SquareCome to Yourself, Mr. Jones

This first contemporary romance I ever wrote is heavily based on one of my nighttime mini-sagas (a long dream I had). The saga’s leading man was originally a music artist, movie star, and professional athlete all rolled into one. It made natural sense in the dream, but I had to iron it out once I decided to develop the dream into something readable for the public.

So, then. What’s the hero’s career in the story I wrote? I know what it is, and readers may or may not piece it together. But I purposely left it a little ambiguous because the hero’s career is rather beside the point. It’s his status, not his specific job, that matters to the plot. Besides, sometimes it’s fun to leave things up to a little interpretation.

The She A+ SquareThe “She” Stands Alone

In addition to my dreams, I get story ideas from a lovely combo of my imagination, life experiences, personal convictions, and passion. This romantic comedy comes from all of that—minus the “dreams” part. I got the idea for this chick-lit dating adventure while wide awake.

It isn’t every day that I write something for which fun is my main motivation as well as my main hope for the folks who read it. Granted, there’s still a meaningful journey for the heroine to take in this book, since I’m not sure if I could ever write something totally frivolous. 😀

Eminence A+ SquareEminence

This inspirational romance is based on one of my dreams set in historical Japan, somewhere between the seventeenth and early nineteenth centuries. However, as I developed my nighttime mini-saga for readers, I decided I’d rather not restrict the story to a factual place or specific culture.

So, I worked the dreams’ themes and its major scenes into an unidentified (made-up) country with fictional customs during an unspecified historical era, with characters of no specified race(s). I even took the characters’ names from a hodgepodge of origins and incorporated a few different languages into the dialogue and narration, to keep the basis diverse. (Albeit I bent some language rules here and there, since the characters’ language is also unspecified.) It’s humanity, period, not certain races or nationalities, that Eminence means to represent.

Inspiring Love: Three Romantic Reads

Because Come to Yourself, Mr. Jones; The “She” Stands Alone; and Eminence are each short and sweet tales of hope, I thought they’d make for a touching trio of assorted but complementary romances in Inspiring Love.

Check out the collection here!

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