For Every Love: A Romance Writing Journey

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Because people sometimes ask me how I get ideas for my stories, here’s a little about how For Every Love: Three Romantic Reads came to be.

Love Unfeigned A+ SquareLove Unfeigned

I gathered key scenes from twelve emotional dreams I had and wove them together for this love story, with memorable pieces of my own life sprinkled in. Yeah, I know such a mishmash could have the potential to turn into a disjointed mess, but even I marveled at the way the scenes began flowing together, once I realized who the heroine, hero, and villain would be.

It’s like characters lead the way in these matters at times. “Youwith the pen. Here’s what we’re gonna do, here. Write it down for us.”

Hope Unashamed A+ SquareHope Unashamed

There are times when we wish a supporting character in a previous story had a “Happily Ever After” of their own. So I wrote this sequel to Love Unfeigned. It only took me four years after the first book to finally get this one finished 😀 , but I trust the characters still appreciate the outcome.

As for me, I have an extra dose of appreciation for this book because it’s a hero’s story. I’m rather sure it’s much more common for a fictional romance (one that isn’t a dual-point-of-view romance) to be a heroine’s story. But romantic love is universal, and women aren’t the only people in the universe. Men fall in love too.

Kiss and 'Telle A+ SquareKiss and ’Telle?

Two supporting characters from Hope Unashamed nudged me for a few years to write out their own story. So I finally did! While the previous two books deal with some heavy issues, the characters called for more comedy in this third book.

What’s more, given the pandemic that began early in 2020, I wanted to write something for readers who’d be in need of something lighthearted. In mountaintop seasons, valley seasons, and all the seasons in between, laughter is so good for the heart.

For Every Love Christmas SquareFor Every Love: Three Romantic Reads

Though it took seven years for all three of these love stories to come into the world, they were meant to be together.

Also, because the Christmas season is my absolute favorite time of year, it’s no wonder that these three related romances include a bunch of holiday happenings. A horse-drawn carriage ride through Christmas-lit downtown streets. A Christmas food and gift festival. A family (and friends! 😉 ) Christmas movie night. “Christmas jams” to dance to at a romantic wedding reception… They’re year-round stories that are also holiday-friendly.

Check out the collection here!

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