Hope Beyond Series by Nadine C. Keels

Hope Beyond Series

Historical Fiction • Historical Fantasy
Tales of hope from another time and place

While these books do not have magical elements, the stories are set in a completely fictional world.
You’ll find more information and direct links to the bookstores on each book page.

A sweet military romance

The fight of a nation. A test of the heart.
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*In the Works*

Sequel to Eminence

A sweet friends to lovers romance

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Hope Beyond
This is a series of tales with both distant and close ties to the Eubeltic Realm. The stories can be enjoyed on their own or as companions to the various Eubeltic series. You may even see some familiar faces from time to time.

Eubeltic Realm
Crowns Legacy
Movement of Crowns

A collage of characters from the various Eubeltic series

Notes on the Books’ Content

No profanity. If a character does curse, their specific words aren’t written out.
Kissing but no sex scenes.
Whenever there’s violence, it isn’t gratuitous.
Any substance use is mild or brief.

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