Annual Book Awards

Prismatic Prospects Annual Book Awards

Christmas Book Picks 2014

Favorite Reads 2014

The 20th Christmas The Almond Tree The Butterfly and the Violin

Christmas Book Picks 2015

Favorite Covers 2015

Favorite Reads 2015

Falling Like Snowflakes How Much Do You Love Me The Tears of Olive Trees

Christmas Book Picks 2016

Favorite Covers 2016

Favorite Reads 2016

The More the Merrier Zimrah Dream Singer The Centurion

Christmas Book Picks 2017

Favorite Covers 2017

Favorite Reads 2017


Christmas Book Picks 2018

Favorite Covers 2018

Favorite Reads 2018

Noteworthy Reads 2018


Why the Jewels on These Book Award Medals?