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Predictability in Fiction

Living that Bookish Life

Romance in Christian Fiction: How Much Heat is Too Much?

Couple Malibu Kiss

Be Careful of Book Presumptions!

Book Presumptions

Pseudonyms: Who (and, Maybe, What) is That Author?


A Case for Short Books

Short Books

Rough Days for Reviews, and My Encouragement

All the Book Love

Take a Look: Clean Romance Books

What’s the Longest Novel (or Other Book) You’ve Read?

Long Novels

Rereads and Reruns: Yea or Nay?


Take a Look: Indie Christian Fiction Search

Yes, I’m a Reader. Yes, I’m an Author.

Reader and Author

“A Novel Saved My Life.”

Hope, Inspiration, Genius

Time-Saving Tip for Book Bloggers

Time of Essence

When a Bookworm Likes the Film Version Better

Book vs. Flim

So. Is This Bookish-Type Cool Yet?

More Than Paper, Ink, or a Quick Digital Download



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