Book Excerpts and Extras

Enjoy excerpts and extras from a few of Nadine’s books.

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Love Unfeigned with Medal

“James,” she declared in a winded murmur.
Unbounded by Time: An Excerpt from Love Unfeigned
Love Unfeigned Extras



I did my best to make it appear as if every sudden jerk and flourish of mine was intentional.
Wacky on Wheels: An Excerpt from The “She” Stands Alone


The Movement of Crowns New 16

“Leave me, please, my lady. Now.”
Waiting to Be Recognized: An Excerpt from The Movement of Crowns


The Movement of Rings New 16

“You are past full grown. Have not you gotten on in years to continue such pranks?”
“Bah—Naona!” An Excerpt from The Movement of Rings


Dallas BW

Dallas snickers, flinching at the sound of telltale rattling in her hands.
A Bona Fide Audience, from Love & Eminence: A Suite of Stories



He was all set to lean closer to her but was soon proven unprepared when a simple answer came to him.
Clear and Natural: An Excerpt from Come to Yourself, Mr. Jones



Ahnna’s eyes moved to the sleeping soldier on the floor. She’d heard mention of this Ikenna a number of times before.
“He Chose to Fight.” An Excerpt from Eminence



She awoke with a gasp, sitting up. “God? Was that You?”
Yella’s Prayers: Deleted Scenes

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