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Are you a book reviewer or blogger interested in reviewing fiction of hope and inspiration? You’re welcome to request ebook review copies of Nadine’s books through the Contact page. In your message, be sure to include your preferred format (EPUB or PDF) and a link to your blog and/or other online book reviewer profile (e.g., Amazon or Goodreads). You’ll have the chance to indicate whether you wish to review one book only or if you’d like the chance to review Nadine’s future releases.

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Review copies are only for the reviewers who request them and must not be sold or shared with anyone else. Nadine reserves the right to accept or decline requests for review copies at her discretion.

Notes on the Books’ Content

No profanity. If a character does curse, their specific words aren’t written out.
Kissing but no sex scenes.
Whenever there’s violence, it isn’t gratuitous.
Any substance use is mild or brief.

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Eubeltic Realm, Book Four

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