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Interviews, Reviews, and Nadine’s Responses



Because a Novel Saved My Life…

“The reader takes the book and opens it right smack in the middle, commencing to read aloud to all others present. Absolute Spoilerville!” ~i read indie

“Don’t expect me to just nibble at a meal and leave chunks of food behind on the plate. I’m going to eat it all, use my last bit of cheesy bread to soak up the rest of the pasta sauce…” ~3 Questions Wednesday

Coming-of-Age Love Story


Yella’s Prayers
“…’praying without ceasing’ has to do with a consistent attitude of the heart and mind, not necessarily how much bended-knee and folded-hand time you put in.” ~Opinions Are Just That

Coming-of-Age Romance

Love Unfeigned
“Love Unfeigned is a novella for any and everyone who believes (or would like to believe or believe again) that imperfect people should, can, and do experience perfect love.”
“Not everyone has the same beliefs, but I imagine that most people believe in something, making belief itself a universal theme.” ~Kelly Smith Reviews
“For the first time in my publishing life, I designed a book cover before I had a story or plot to go along with it.” ~Kookie Krysp Reads

Historical Fantasy, Love Stories

The Movement of Crowns
“The hardest part for me wasn’t writing historical fantasy but finding some way to define it.” ~M.D. Schlatter Books
“I want readers to know that their destiny is a perfect fit for them, and they can walk deeper into it step by step, never throwing their hope away.” ~Tell Tale Book Reviews (MontanaMade)
“When you have genius for something, you have it, and there must be some way you can and should put that genius to work, no matter what race, body type, era, or whatever else you’ve been born into.” ~Kelly Smith Reviews

The Movement of Rings
“The ‘other side’ of a story, of history, is never the ‘other‘ side to the people who are there, living life on that side. The human story entwines everyone in God’s ultimate plot.” ~Tell Tale Book Reviews
“The human heart is complex, oftentimes with care and concern, contempt and resentment, and a plethora of like and differing emotions and convictions all coexisting in a jumble.” ~Kelly Smith Reviews

The Movement of Crowns Series
“I’m into classical and majestic music and film scores, classic jazz, and Christmas music with either a classic-jazzy or patented bright and warm, ultra-Christmassy feel. (Not so much Christmas songs that are remade into pop music.)” ~The Silver Petticoat Review
“The world where Diachona and Munda exist is like both history and folklore.” ~History from a Woman’s Perspective



Contemporary Romance

Kiss and ’Telle?

“This book has so many uplifting and funny moments!” ~The Adventures of a Traveler’s Wife
“…a fun and enchanting read focused on the theme of longtime friendship and love.” ~RAIN’N’BOOKS
“It’s great for readers who love playful, romantic banter and flirtations in their stories, yet wholesome displays of affection.” ~Woven from Words
“Typically with romances it’s pretty clear early on who will end up with who but if the romance is well written, it’s still fun to see how the characters get from point A to point B. This is definitely one of those romances.” ~The Book and Beauty Blog
“Altogether, this is a quick and fun romance novel, just the thing to take your mind off your worries for a bit.” ~Girl Who Reads

Historical Fantasy, Romance

Reviving the Commander
Selected as one of the Best Books of 2019 at The Book and Beauty Blog

“This book is a heart-gripping romance for the ages. Hands down the best romance novel of 2019 so far!” ~Indies Today
“…a unique romance that will show you different facets of love and affection that human beings are capable of at every age… Brilliant and beautiful in every way.” ~Readers’ Favorite
“This book was great! …it really does feel like you become a part of the royal family.” ~The Adventures of a Traveler’s Wife

“I enjoyed this quick read of romance blooming later in life. Opal is a wonderful character…” ~Genesis 5020
“The book revolves around the theme of love in later life… A great start to a new series.” ~Christian Bookaholic
Reviving the Commander is a beautiful story about love after loss and hope in whatever circumstances you find yourself… This book is well worth picking up if you are looking for a unique, clean romance.” ~Rebecca’s Reading Corner
“The more time I spend in Keels’ fictional world, the more I love it… I really recommend Reviving the Commander for lovers of clean romance, fantasy and history.” ~The Book and Beauty Blog
“Keels gives a solid base for why these people should be together and why her audience should cheer for them. They are sweet and in conversation and development of characters, Keels shows herself as a student of human nature… The craftsmanship of the work is especially impressive when one considers that it is set in a completely fictional world.” ~Rabid Reader’s Reviews

Embracing the Outcast

“Nadine C. Keels has such a way with putting words to emotions and feelings that I’ve rarely seen…” ~The Adventures of a Traveler’s Wife

Selected as one of the Best Books of 2019 at The Book and Beauty Blog
“I went into this book expecting to love it and I was not disappointed… Keels always weaves some kind of drama into her stories but it’s never the typical, romantic drama.” ~The Book and Beauty Blog
“This book was rolling along, seemed your average romance…and then bam!… [Nadine’s books] are a bit different and that is what makes them interesting.” ~Genesis 5020
“This story is as much about accepting ourselves and others as it is a love story.” ~Rebecca’s Reading Corner

Historical Fantasy, Love Story

Eubeltic Descent

“Part history, part fantasy, part inspiration, totally engaging… Sharing her mastery of language, Nadine Keels hits the high mark yet again.” ~Savurbks

“Keels’s writing style is an intelligent mix of a classic world and a carefully constructed progressive plot… If you like character driven fantasy, be sure to pick this one up today.” ~Rabid Reader’s Reviews
“…the fairytale-style writing of Keels will pull you into the story even as you wonder how she’s done it… The story is well-written, unique, and a wonderful start to what I know will be a phenomenal series.” ~Author Kameo Monson
“…a lovely burn of self discovery and sweet romance… Writing conversation in a story always relies heavily on body language, but when the protagonist doesn’t have a spoken voice of her own, such a thing takes on a whole new meaning. And Nadine C. Keels mastered it.” ~Author Abrianna Leaming
“Keels does an excellent job of unique world building and creating characters with diverse heritages… If you’re looking for a quick read set in a fictional world with a historical feel to it then I highly recommend this book.” ~The Book and Beauty Blog
“There were many things that made Eubeltic Descent an intriguing story. Not only was its unique world interesting, but so were its characters.” ~Paper, Ink, & Lizard

Contemporary Love Story

World of the Innocent

“Just WOW. This book totally blew me away. It’s in my top five of ‘the most romantic books I’ve ever read.’” ~Valerie’s Musings
“Beautifully written. It spoke to my soul… It’s a novel for anyone who loves.” ~Christian Bookaholic
“Keels has written a lovely, blossoming romantic story… Packed with emotions, this was a heartfelt read.” ~Brice’s Mice Christian Book Reviews
“Keels perfectly captures what it looks like to find true love. A love with substance…” ~Lights in a Dark World

“As a favorite author of mine, I know author Nadine Keels will deliver a well-written, character-deep, word-conscious piece. Her newest release, World of the Innocent, is no exception.” ~Savurbks
“I went in with an open mind and I was not disappointed.” ~The Kansan Reader
“Nadine Keels creatively weaves a genuine romantic tale of two people who fall in love before they realize what’s happening.” ~Angela Kay’s Books
“There is a difference in being obsessed with somebody and loving somebody for who they are… I think Nadine gets it and she was able to put it in words with this story.” ~One-Eleven Books
“If you’re looking for a quick read that’s both sweet, encouraging, and a little heartbreaking, check this one out.” ~Cierra’s Heart of Books

 Yella’s Prayers
Five Gold Stars
“I would strongly recommend Yella’s Prayers!… I wanted to read it non-stop.” ~Opinions Are Just That
Four Silver Stars
“Faith, doubt, friendship, and romance all combine together in this coming-of-age novel… I marveled at how the story kept my attention.” ~Savurbks
“I really enjoyed this book!… I highly recommend it!” ~Lights in a Dark World
“A comprehensive read surrounding those confusing teenage years…perfectly captured by Nadine C. Keels.” ~Christian Bookaholic
“The author’s strength lies in her ability to touch hearts and create characters and dialogue that come alive.” ~Rachel John Reviews

Love Unfeigned
Five Gold Stars
“The wordplay and language are expressive and rich. It is a beautiful love story that slowly evolves and matures into an intense romance.” ~Readers’ Favorite
“I think this story qualifies as a visual masterpiece… Keels’s work would fit right in with the classic masters of the genre.” ~Rabid Reader’s Reviews
“This is a Hallmark movie waiting to happen… Five stars to this well-written paen to young love.” ~Don Sloan
“A beautiful story that will bring you to tears. It really leaves you with a feeling of hope…” ~NerdGirl Official Review
“As one of my most true and trusted authors, Nadine Keels yet again pens a cleanly and reliably written story… Absolutely a book I would not hesitate to recommend.” ~Savurbks
“Keels’s novella about true love is a treat for the heart… I loved this book. It brought tears to my eyes. 5/5–wonderfully heartfelt!” ~Kelly Smith Reviews
“Totally unforgettable. Loved it.” ~Rachel John Reviews
“Poetic and musical, with crescendos of intensity… I highly recommend this sensitive and engaging story of young love.” ~Perspectives By Nancee
“A wonderful romantic read.” ~Brice’s Mice Christian Book Reviews
Ultimately the novel is about hope… A wonderful story of a friendship that buds and blossoms.” ~Christian Bookaholic
“I definitely recommend this whole series!” ~Lights in a Dark World
Four Silver Stars
“I recommend Love Unfeigned for lovers of contemporary romance with a deep message. It was such a good novella!” ~Woven from Words
“The reader becomes entranced by Lorraine and Isaiah’s tale. Fantastic…a must read!” ~InD’tale Magazine
“It wasn’t just a ‘simple little novella.’ It was just as good, if not better, than most 300+ page novels I have read… I very highly recommend this book!” ~Carrie K’s Book Reviews
“If you enjoy reading a good love story, one built around a love that cannot be denied, you must read Love Unfeigned. Nadine Keels is a writer to be followed.” ~Sherrey Meyer, Found Between the Covers
“A quick read full of romance that had me falling in love with the characters and story and left me wanting more.” ~Lost in the Pages of a Book
“This is one of those stories that leaves you with a warm and homey sort of feeling, and I can’t recommend it enough to fans of clean romance.” ~Kookie Krysp Reads
“It’s been a while since I’d last read a novella, and even more, one as good as Love Unfeigned.” ~The Reader and the Chef
“This was a short, sweet, clean romance that was not sappy in any way. I would recommend it to those who enjoy romance novels.” ~Shelf Full of Books
“This book was extraordinarily well written… Two thumbs up!” ~Urban Books Authors & Writers of America
“A truly lovely read which kept me interested and intrigued until the very end.” ~Self Publisher’s Showcase
“If you’re the kind of person who likes to read sweet love stories without all the heaving bosoms and Fabios, Nadine’s books are a good choice.” ~One-elevenbooks

Hope Unashamed

“I have adored both Love Unfeigned and Hope Unashamed. I can highly recommend these wonderful tales of hope and friendship.” ~Christian Bookaholic
“I am a huge fan of author Nadine Keels. [She has] a talent for developing a deep and entire story within a novella…” ~Savurbks

“I love reading Nadine C. Keels’s stories, since they all share a strong message of friendship and devotion… I highly recommend it!” ~Woven from Words
“I definitely recommend this whole series!” ~Lights in a Dark World

The Movement of Crowns
Five Gold Stars
“The author has done an excellent job by blending a love angle with…war and power. The themes just flow into each other…” ~Readers’ Favorite
“Great characters, stunning plot, and a thought-provoking message make this a story worth reading. 5/5–great!” ~Kelly Smith Reviews
“This was an amazing and intriguing story of a young woman’s coming of age journey of faith, hope, determination, and more.” ~Wonderous Reviews
“I very much enjoyed the blending together of war, romance and politics… 5 stars out of 5.” ~Shelf Full of Books
“I found that the characters were richly developed and easy to like. The story development was smooth and natural, providing a richness of detail without overwhelming the reader.” ~iRead Book Reviews
Four Silver Stars
“This book had a way of pulling you in… maybe it was a little bit of magic… The royal family of Diachona is amazing!” ~Tell Tale Book Reviews
The Movement of Crowns is charming with a bite of political intrigue. Readers are left at the end of the novel with the sense that they’ve read something unique and special.” ~Rabid Readers Reviews
“A great trip to a faraway land!… I look forward to reading more of Diachona, the neighboring kingdoms, and where they shall lead us.” ~Jeni’s Bookshelf Review
“Glimpses of mystery, confidence, strength and faith weaved together to create an intriguing story.” ~Savurbks
“I couldn’t put it down, quite honestly… Nadine C. Keels managed to make this an absolutely magical story.” ~Reveries Reviews
“Spendidly done!” ~Live. Love. Read.

The Movement of Rings
Five Gold Stars
“As I said about its predecessor, Rings is a joy to read. The story is always inspiring, especially to young women… 5/5–wonderful!”  ~Kelly Smith Reviews
“With fully developed characters, a bit of sass and spirit, faith woven within, and turmoil mixed throughout, The Movement of Rings is an outstanding sequel.” ~Savurbks
“The characters, the story development, all work very well together. A thoroughly enjoyable read.” ~iRead Book Reviews
Four Silver Stars
25 Favorite Books pick on Tell Tale Book Reviews, 2013
“I loved the details that Nadine C. Keels put into the politics, traditions, and daily life of the monarchy and citizens of Munda…. Fascinating, this book is an excellent read!” ~Tell Tale Book Reviews
“Another great trip to a faraway land! Are you ready? Even better than the last!” ~Jeni’s Bookshelf
“I liked going back to the wonderful world Nadine Keels created in her first book, being able to see the other side…while being entertained and inspired.” ~Wonderous Reviews
“The twists and turns in the plot of this story leave the reader guessing right up to the end.” ~Shelf Full of Books

The Movement of Kings
Five Gold Stars
The Movement of Kings did not disappoint. This was a wonderful coming of age story of love, intrigue, history, leadership, mystery, and much more.” ~Wonderous Reviews
The narrative of Kings is very emotional, with the hero dealing with life, death, love, and politics.  All in all, this series was so wonderful and I’m sorry to see it end. 5/5–great ending!” ~Kelly Smith Reviews
“Nadine Keels packs so much story into a novella, I can only marvel how she does it… With full characters, an impressive storyline and well chosen words, The Movement of Kings was my favorite yet (and I really liked book 2)!” ~Savurbks
“Save this one to read on a day when you have plenty of time for reading. Because you won’t be able to put it down.” ~Reveries Reviews
“As with the first two books, the characters and storylines are intriguing and enjoyable. The story while fantasy is believable and has a ring of truth. None of it seems forced or unreal.” ~iRead Book Reviews
Four Silver Stars
A Favorite Ebooks of 2014 pick on Tell Tale Book Reviews
“I am very impressed with the thought and detail that Nadine C. Keels has put into every aspect, from the political structure to gowns and hairstyles, from geography to state traditions… Lots of politics, some danger, definitely romance, make this short book a good and satisfying read.” ~Tell Tale Book Reviews
“I found myself sorry to see the series end when I turned the last page, which I consider to be one of the marks of a good book.” ~Shelf Full of Books

The Movement of Crowns Series
Five Gold Stars
“Overall, The Movement Of Crowns series is an excellent read. The stories are compelling, the people are very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed all three books.” ~iRead Book Reviews
“All in all, this series was so wonderful.” ~Kelly Smith Reviews
Four Silver Stars
“Keels does a stellar job weaving the lives and challenges of her characters together. [This series] rewards the reader handsomely with its inspirational messages. ” ~InD’tale Magazine
“I have sincerely enjoyed and looked forward to reading each of these stories… I am very impressed with the thought and detail that Nadine C. Keels has put into every aspect, from the political structure to gowns and hairstyles, from geography to state traditions in each of the books in this series.” ~Tell Tale Book Reviews
“This was an amazing series of novellas. It had just the right balance of politics and (clean) romance, which can be really hard to achieve in any book. Perfect for everyone, really!” ~Wonderous Reviews
“This is a wonderfully written book. The author has a strong authority and sense of language which makes her prose style unique in a modern Shakespeare sort of way. I will certainly be looking out for other books by Keels!” ~To Be a Person

Sweet Romance

Inspiring Love: Three Romantic Reads

“Likable characters” “Intriguing” ~Readers’ Favorite

Romantic Comedy

The “She” Stands Alone
Five Gold Stars
“Laugh out loud as you read this book, and possibly end up with that sweet ‘awww’ smile on your face!” ~Wonderous Reviews
“If you like your love short, sweet, and clean, definitely pick up The “She” Stands Alone! 5/5–enjoyable!” ~Kelly Smith Reviews
Four Silver Stars
“A…short hit of romance with a touch of humor. It is clear that [Keels] has the art of writing down to a T…” ~Readers’ Favorite
“The depth of Keels’s writing is masterful.” ~Rabid Readers Reviews
“I loved the concept of this novelette and was excited to have the opportunity to read it and was not disappointed.” ~Lost in the Pages of a Book
“Humor, good advice and life-lessons all ravel together for a deeper but surely entertaining piece.” ~Savurbks
“I would highly recommend this warm, affirming story to readers of any age.” ~NerdGirl Official Review

NADINE’S RESPONSES (to Book Reviews and Other Matters)


My purpose for writing is to help people by bringing hope, changing minds, expanding imagination, providing entertainment, and saving lives, all of which other authors’ books have done for me. Accordingly, I’ve sought book reviews in hopes of reaching more readers to further my purpose to help people, and I’m grateful for each reviewer who takes the time to read my work and to record their reflections on it. That’s invaluable!

Novellas and Novelettes

I understand the feeling of wishing a book could go on longer, and I see the point of readers who may wish there was more added to my short fiction. But I have a little habit: when a story stops, I stop. Once a story has said all that it’s supposed to say—the characters have made their journey and the message has been delivered—I don’t add any more characters, extra events, or what have you. I find well-written novellas and novelettes to be just as complete as novels are. Complete things full of real substance come in all different shapes and sizes, books included, and the substance that’s there can be measured for what it’s intended to be. Here are my thoughts on short fiction.


Language in My Historical Fantasy Fiction

As I said in one of my author interviews, “I undertook the task of imagining how people living in an ‘epic’ time and setting might think, speak, and feel, and they began to just seem like people, to me… It was something of a challenge to reconcile the ‘epic’ way that educated people from another time might express themselves with the relaxed language they were bound to use sometimes…” Indeed, I’m still working on language mastery, part of the process of being a writer.

The language that characters use in my historical fantasy fiction might appear inconsistent at points, but I strive to be intentional in the way my characters speak in all of my fiction writing.

For instance, I debated back and forth with myself about whether or not Staid Alexander in The Movement of Crowns would use the word “hey” (or the Diachonians’ equivalent of the word “hey,” since they don’t speak English). Would “hey” not sound nonmodern and epic enough? I pictured Staid staring at a young woman he likes; I pictured his eyes lighting and softening, and I, serving as his English translator, chose to let “hey” be “hey.”

I figured that even for people who ride horses and sit on thrones and fight with swords, everything isn’t always, “And, lo! Hark unto me as I bequeath unto thee, forthwith!” Besides, Commander Alexander is a soldier who leads hosts of men in drills and dangerous battles, which is quite a gritty occupation to have. As a part of his everyday life, he’s bound to use language other than what may sound strictly epic, formal, romantic, or even proper. So a “hey” coming out while he speaks to a woman he likes seems natural to me, adding humanness to his character.

Moreover, much of what may look or sound modern or not is in the eye and ear of a reader. A character responding with a “maybe” in answer to a question may sound modern in some instances, since we still use the word nowadays, often casually. But “maybe” first came into use as an adverb back in the fifteenth century. It’s older than “perhaps,” a word that may initially sound less modern. Again, it depends on how one reads (sees and hears) it.

Anyway, those are just examples. If there are times when I do go all out for the And-lo-Hark-unto-me-as-I-bequeath-unto-thee-forthwiths and whatnot, know that that’s intentional as well. 🙂


The Races/Ethnicities of My Characters

Yes, I know it looks a little strange to some when a black author pulls out a book she’s written and the person or people on the front cover are another color, or other colors, besides black.

See my posts on The Colors of My Characters and Diversity in Christian Fiction.


“Historical fantasy? Love stories vs. romance?”

Details About a Few of My Genres


Sentence Length

Yes, I’m guilty of including long sentences in my books. 😀 See my post on Run-on Sentences vs. Sentence Length.


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