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“My Book Valentine” Book Sale 2018

‘Tis the season–for love!
Check out this $0.99 sale for sweet romance-themed books, including Love Unfeigned,
February 1st-14th, 2018.

Enter the sale here.



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Tea & Cream Debbie

Tea & Cream Debbie
A Sequel Short to Dream Debbie
(Chick Lit/Romance)

There can be a right way to apply a cliché.

Debbie? She’s always been a dreamer. And some of the bright dreams of her past come back to her mind in the presence of the special man in her life. (Ah. Stuart.) But at this point in their relationship, is the remembrance of those dreams a good thing or not?

This short story also includes a bonus: an excerpt from The “She” Stands Alone, a romantic comedy found in a sweet romance collection, Inspiring Love.


Tea & Cream Debbie is available as an ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and Smashwords.


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Clean Indie Reads Back to School Sale 2017

Clean Indie Reads, the Home of Flinch-Free Fiction, is holding a Back to School sale
September 1st-8th, 2017.
Pick up some young adult and new adult ebooks with guys and girls in high school and college, Free to $2.99. Enter the sale here.


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Take a Look: Christian Book Heaven

There’s a place to get curated ebook deals for Christian books:
Christian Book Heaven!
You can sign up to receive emails for free and discounted books and new releases. Visit the site to subscribe and pick your genres here.
(That’s a referral link, and, yes, I myself am a subscriber to Christian Book Heaven. 🙂 )

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