Diversity Topics

Books, Films, and Posts Concerning Diversity, Humanity, and Social Issues

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Multicultural Posts

The Movement of Crowns Series

The Colors of My Characters

Diversity in Christian Fiction: How Can Readers Help?

Hidden Figures book review For Beautiful Black Boys book review

New Kid book review Monster book review

This isn’t Politics. This is Your Life.

We Hope for Better Things book review White Picket Fences book review

Stand Your Ground book review A Good Kind of Trouble book review

Beyond the Politics, Check Your Heart

“Political Correctness” in Fiction

A More Beautiful and Terrible History book review I Will Not Fear book review

Diversity and Christian Publishing

The Myth of Equality book review Home at Last book review

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Hidden Figures

Black White Other book review Meals from Mars book review

A Raisin in the Sun

Something the Lord Made

Unconditional book review The Tears of Olive Trees book review

Judging Books, Harming Ourselves

Linda Leigh Hargrove

Diversity in Christian Fiction

Just Mercy book review

The Almond Tree book review Dance from Deep Within book review

Meet Nadine C. Keels


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