Book and Film Review Requests

Would you like your book or film to be reviewed at Prismatic Prospects?

*Review Requests are OPEN: my current turnaround time for reviews is within 45-60 days from the time I receive the accepted book or film.*

I accept a limited number of review requests for fiction books and narrative films/movies that are mild to moderate in content. Anyone is welcome to make a request through my Contact page if you feel that your book or film would fit the “hope and inspiration” theme of this blog. Be advised that my reviews are honest. I review all of the books I read on Goodreads, all of the films I watch on Letterboxd, and I also regularly post book reviews at Amazon, LibraryThing, and sometimes BookBub, Barnes & Noble, and Christian Book Distributors. If I find that I’m not enjoying a book or film enough to finish it, I may opt not to review it on my blog, in which case I’ll let the review requester know.

Formats I Accept
Print copies of books are preferred overall, but I also read EPUB, MOBI (Kindle), and PDF ebooks. I accept film copies on DVD, and I also watch films on YouTube. Print books and DVDs needn’t be signed to me, as I hold occasional giveaways for books and films I’ve reviewed. (I only give away finished print copies of books, never ARCs, and I don’t share digital review copies.)

Content Guidelines (Think “G to mildly PG-13 rated”)*
~an overall positive message
~no hateful or discriminatory agendas against any races, people groups, or faiths
~any sexual content in books must be tastefully handled without explicit descriptions or crude references; films cannot contain nudity, sex scenes, or crude sexual language
~violent content should not be gratuitous or gory for the sake of gore
~only minimal profanity, if any, but absolutely no use of the F-word; titles labeled or marketed as Christian Fiction or Christian Films/Movies should have no profanity whatsoever
~book and DVD covers must not display nudity or gore

Review Requests I May Accept
~fiction reads only: adult, new adult, young adult, and upper middle grade (target audience should be at least 12 years)
~Christian, inspirational, or general market fiction, with historical fiction, thrillers/suspense, and love stories (not necessarily genre romance) being high on my list
~narrative/fictional films only: drama, historical, comedy, and Christmas films are high on my list
~books and films with main characters of color are of special interest to me

Review Requests I Don’t Accept
~nonfiction and poetry books
~children’s books for audiences younger than 12 years
~Amish fiction
~ghost, zombie, and vampire stories
~murder mysteries that make light of murder
~scandalous or salacious church drama
~themes that appear more dark or heavily depressing than uplifting

For examples of what I’ve reviewed at Prismatic Prospects, you can check out some fiction books and narrative films through my Explore by Genre page. If you’re still unsure if your book or film may fall within my interest, feel free to make a request anyway, though requests for works that are blatantly opposed to the guidelines may not receive a response.

You may possibly wonder, “How strict is she about the content guidelines?”

I do read some books and watch occasional films with content more mature than “PG-13,” if I feel the positive message far outweighs my usual content preferences. But it’s on a rare and quite selective basis, so review requests are limited to only the kind of content with which I’m the most comfortable.