Book Review Requests

Review Requests are currently *CLOSED* while I work on the next book in my Eubeltic Realm series. 🙂

Policy as of March 19, 2023

As a book blogger, I accept a limited number of review requests for fiction reads. Whenever my review requests are open, you’re welcome to make a request through my Contact page if you feel that your book would fit the “hope and inspiration” theme of this blog. Be advised that I’m honest about both my likes and dislikes in my reviews. I review the vast majority of the books I read on Goodreads and LibraryThing, and sometimes BookBub, Barnes & Noble, and Christianbook (formerly Christian Book Distributors). If I find that I’m not enjoying a review book enough to finish it, I may opt not to post about it on my blog, in which case I’ll let the review requester know. Because I keep a public record of my meaningful reading experiences on Goodreads, I’ll often still post there about books I didn’t finish, but I’ll share my thoughts respectfully.

Formats I Accept
I accept print copies of books as well as EPUB and PDF ebooks. Print books needn’t be signed to me, as I hold occasional giveaways for books I’ve reviewed. (I only give away finished print copies of books, never proof copies or ARCs.)

Content Guidelines (Think “G to mildly PG-13 rated”)
~an overall positive message
~no hateful or discriminatory agendas against any races, people groups, or faiths
~any sexual content must not have explicit descriptions or vulgar references
~violent content should not be gratuitous or gory for the sake of gore
~only minimal profanity, if any, but absolutely no use of the F-word; titles labeled or marketed as Christian Fiction should have no spelled-out profanity whatsoever
~book covers must not display nudity or gore

Review Requests I May Accept
~ “G to mildly PG-13 rated” fiction reads only in one of the genres on my Book and Film Reviews page
~adult, new adult, young adult, and upper middle grade (target audience should be no younger than 12 years)
~book covers should have a polished, professional look
~books that feature racial/ethnic diversity are of special interest to me

Review Requests I Don’t Accept
~nonfiction and poetry books
~children’s books for audiences younger than 12 years
~Amish fiction
~ghost, zombie, and vampire stories
~murder mysteries with a prominent comedic tone (serious murder mysteries and comedic murderless mysteries are fine 🙂 )
~salacious drama
~review-for-review exchanges/swaps with other authors

If you’re unsure if your book may fall within my interest, still feel free to make a request, though requests for works that are blatantly opposed to the guidelines may not receive a response.

Review Ratings

As book reviews are subjective, I tend to rate books not according to how “perfect” they are, seem to be, or are said to be in general but rather to how perfect (or not) they are to me.

My book ratings are in line with the Goodreads scale—which, frankly, is based on the feelings of readers, not based on a particular set of criteria determining literary merit. 😀

5 Stars = It was amazing!

4 Stars = I really liked it!

3 Stars = I liked it!
2 Stars = It was okay.
1 Star = I didn’t like it.

Except in very rare cases, I don’t use a rating on my blog or Goodreads for books I didn’t finish.

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