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“My Book Valentine” Book Sale 2018

‘Tis the season–for love!
Check out this $0.99 sale for sweet romance-themed books, including Love Unfeigned,
February 1st-14th, 2018.

Enter the sale here.



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After Christmas Book Sales ’17-’18

Well! This bookworm (Nadine) has got some shopping to do. How about you?

The Clean Indie Reads 12 Days of Christmas Book Event
December 26th – January 6th

Find The Movement of Crowns, Yella’s Prayers, and 38 more books on sale here!

A Book for Everyone 99c Super Sale
December 28th-31st

Find Love Unfeigned and 14 more books on sale here!

The Smashwords End of Year Sale
December 25th-Jan 1st

Use coupon code SEY50 for 50% off The Movement of Rings, The Movement of Kings, and Hope Unashamed. You’ll also find other FREE and 99c goodies with no coupon required!
Find my books at Smashwords here.
And more books are on sale at Smashwords here.


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Living that Bookish Life

Someone asked me on Goodreads how I got into reading and writing, and I felt like blogging my answer.

So how did I get started in this bookish life, hmm? I’d say my parents are the guilty parties here. They both were readers.

My mom took me and my siblings down to the public library for books since we were quite little, and we had a family reading club for years. My dad would put up a new calendar in the kitchen each month where we’d write our initials down every time we finished a book, and a running total for each family member was at the bottom of the calendar.

Every time one of us kids finished ten books, we’d get some sort of little prize, but when it came down to it, it wasn’t about the prizes. Even when the reading club eventually phased out, we kept on reading. My uncle once joked that he’d never seen kids who were so excited to get books for Christmas!

As for my writing, if I had to pinpoint a time when I got started, it was when I was eight years old. I had to write a story for school, using specific spelling words, and my dad seemed to think the story was rather good. (He kept the story–still has it, in fact.)

I’ve been writing stories ever since. I just put book covers on them now. 🙂




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Clean Indie Reads Back to School Sale 2017

Clean Indie Reads, the Home of Flinch-Free Fiction, is holding a Back to School sale
September 1st-8th, 2017.
Pick up some young adult and new adult ebooks with guys and girls in high school and college, Free to $2.99. Enter the sale here.