Inspiring Love Release Day!

Hope and inspiration in a trio of sweet romances

It’s officially Release Day!
Three of my romance stories are now together in a collection,
Inspiring Love: Three Romantic Reads.

You can find this book at Amazon, (in print and for Kindle), Barnes and Noble (in print and for Nook), and as an ebook at Apple, Kobo, and Smashwords. The ebook editions are available at a limited time price!


Inspiring Love: Three Romantic Reads

The “She” Stands Alone is a great holiday read!

Inspiring Love: Three Romantic Reads

“The depth of Keels’s writing is masterful.” ~Rabid Readers Reviews on The “She” Stands Alone
“A poignant love story that moved me greatly.” ~Amazon Reviewer on Eminence
“It had me hooked from start to finish. I liked the mysterious elements…” ~Amazon Reviewer on Come to Yourself, Mr. Jones

Hope and inspiration in a trio of sweet romances

Come to Yourself, Mr. Jones
A contemporary romance
InTýntz, a favored celebrity, meets a gorgeous and mysterious woman (Crystal?) at a club in his hometown. But he doesn’t know he’s in for a night nothing like he planned, and a morning after he’ll more than remember.

The “She” Stands Alone
A romantic comedy
Is Sheridan’s dateless problem unfixable? Not in the least. This young woman has got a new plan: she’s going to date herself.

From another time and place
After their country’s three-year revolution, Ahnna, a village schoolmistress, serves as nurse for Ikenna, an esteemed soldier and tradesman. But in their newfound independence, the fight for worthy governance, both of the nation and of the heart, is not over.

This collection also includes a bonus: an excerpt from World of the Innocent, a contemporary love story.


Inspiring Love is available at Amazon (in print and for Kindle), Barnes and Noble (in print and for Nook), and as an ebook at Apple, Kobo, and Smashwords.


A Pudding Predicament: An Excerpt from Hope Unashamed

From Chapter One of Hope Unashamed, a Coming of Age Romance

On this first Friday of my sophomore year, I barely looked up to receive an open bag of cheese puffs from Dennis, who’d been my main sidekick since he and I met each other back in middle school. I wouldn’t have looked up again after the Freshman Day commotion that went tearing in and out of the commons at that moment if the noise hadn’t been accompanied by the muffled sound of a female yelp.

My eyes jumped upward to peer into the crowd of students milling around, some of them apparently laughing about the stampede that had flown past, others just talking and laughing in general. Scanning toward the direction I thought I’d heard the yelp from, it took me a minute to identify who must’ve been its issuer: a girl standing alone, pushing herself away from the wall she’d likely been shoved against. She had an open cup of chocolate pudding in her hand, and some pudding was smeared over her mouth and cheek.

I sucked my teeth. “Idiots,” I muttered, handing the cheese puffs back to Dennis.

“What?” Dennis inquired, adjusting the glasses on his face as he looked up from his own reading.

“They pushed her” was the only explanation I gave as I shut my book, hoisted my backpack by the straps over my shoulders, and made my way through the throng over to the girl in the pudding predicament.

“Good morning. I’m sorry,” I greeted her with an apology to get her attention, and her eyes widened when she turned and realized I was talking to her. “I’m sorry.”

Her eyes whipped up and down over me, perhaps to determine if I’d been a part of the passing commotion or not. “Sorry for what?” she asked.

I recognized her, a girl new to the school who was the only other sophomore in my chemistry class, a class that was otherwise full of juniors. “Sorry they ran into you like that,” I clarified, briefly bending to the floor to pick up the plastic spoon I assumed she’d been about to use. “Folks need to watch where they’re going.”

She held up her cup of pudding with an embarrassed but droll look. “My fault for trying to lick the lid. Wasn’t paying attention,” she declared, the lid in question sticking straight up where it was still partially attached to the cup.

“Here,” I said, stowing my book under my arm and digging into a pocket of my jeans, finding it empty, and then digging into the opposite pocket. I pulled out a folded handkerchief, extending it to her.

She gazed down at the handkerchief before looking back up at me. “Guys really carry those things around?”

One of my shoulders rose and dropped. “I do.”

She appeared skeptical, her eyes narrowing in thought. “I know I’ve seen you somewhere.”

“Third period chemistry. I’m Arthur Simmons. You’ll have to remind me of your name, Miss…?”

Her skepticism clearly deepened. “Miss?”

I nodded. “Certainly not ‘Mrs.’ already,” I answered, then stopped to check, “Are you?”

For every love, there is a season.
And they’ll know it…
When It’s Time


Hope Unashamed Release Day!

He’s never been so mesmerized by a girl before. Can’t help getting his hopes up…

It’s officially Release Day!
The sequel to Love Unfeigned, Hope Unashamed, is now available.

Find it at Amazon (in print and for Kindle), Barnes and Noble (in print and for Nook), and as an ebook at Apple, Kobo, and Smashwords.

And if you’ve not read Love Unfeigned yet, you’ll want to do that first. The ebook is $0.99 for a limited time!


When It’s Time, a coming of age romance series