The Movement of Rings

The Movement of Rings
A Novella
Sequel to The Movement of Crowns
(Historical Fantasy, Love Story)

25 Favorite Books pick on Tell Tale Book Reviews, 2013
Five Gold Stars
“As I said about its predecessor, Rings is a joy to read. The story is always inspiring, especially to young women… 5/5–wonderful!”  ~Kelly Smith Reviews
“With fully developed characters, a bit of sass and spirit, faith woven within, and turmoil mixed throughout, The Movement of Rings is an outstanding sequel.” ~Savurbks

What lies deeper than fear?

The Mundayne empire has prospered under the rule of King Aud, a ruthless man of war. Naona, a spirited imperial servant who holds Aud’s favor, enjoys pulling pranks on her peers around the king’s estate. But the time for laughter spoils when the citizens of Munda begin to oppose the taxes that pay for Aud’s wars.

After meeting the princess of Diachona, Naona must choose between remaining loyal to her king and becoming another nation’s ally. With the rise of unrest in Munda, how can Naona’s heart survive intact: intact enough, even, for a chance at love with a foreign man?

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Don’t miss the final book in the series, The Movement of Kings, or get the entire series in one volume.

After this series comes its spin-off, which takes place in the Eubeltic Realm.

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